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Fonaru Cafeteria

Current cafeterias have food sections off to the side and the main focus is social peer groups (where they are, how is the room divided). Our cafeteria goal was to eat here instead of getting distrated where friends are sitting. Fonaru proposes to redo the cafeteria layout so the main focus is on the kitchen and food, not on where a student would walk in and feel pressured with social groups. Sample food from the ‘Gastronomy Lab’ can be handed out as a mechanism to detect failed/successful dishes that are being considered for future menus. Also, a good way to keep introducing the same food to picky eaters. The tray rack is in the front for unlocking with the Fonaru card. A tray belt is designated on the side for scanning the food tray.


Wireframes: Fonaru School App

The Fonaru App is divided into 4 main sections. ‘Menu’ is where a school uses an interactive tray to build menus (based on budget, seasonal items, and successful dishes). Using ML, the app can suggest readymade trays. The ‘Mentors’ section shows who signed up for the day. It also lets schools post inspiration mentor stories from the kitchen. It can also place student food artwork among other ideas. ‘DishDash’ section tracks how students did with the trays, and what are the suggestions and learnings from this. Finally ‘Settings’ is where a school can add and delete staff members, update account info and such.

Wireframes: Fonaru Parents App

The parents app overall has a similar structure to the school app. However, some main differences are in the ‘Menu’ and ‘Mentors’ section. In the Menu, they can select and view the two trays of the day and well as the daily samples from the Gastronomy Lab. The Mentors section doesn’t have a secondary nav. This was done to give importance of inspirations stories and encourage parents to sign up in one single view.

Now that I had a set of wireframes in place, it was time to start designing what this looks like:

High Fidelity: Fonaru School App

High Fidelity: Fonaru Parents App