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Interaction Design Prompt 3: Healthy Food Tracker for Kids


To begin exploring this topic, I first noted key phrases from the exercise:

“Schools can foster good habits early on”
“Accommodate picky eaters”
“Deal with outside influences”
“Design where schools can influence food choices”

With fostering these habits early on, I focused on elementary schools, where the school cafeteria experience begins. I began researching things I was vaguely familiar with online. For instance, I had heard French schools cater better to students with their meals. I started exploring HOW and WHY some of these international schools and institutions do this and WHAT are the differences between them and U.S. schools. I made notes while reading posts watching videos on youtube.


I then collected my notes to do a comparison chart. This way I was able to update my notes with additional information I found. From the findings, I saw U.S. school cafeterias were charging more money for largely processed food, while other countries were charging less money for food that was freshly cooked in the school kitchens. The U.S. schools also had less time allocated for lunch.



Mom’s Daycare

Mom’s Daycare


My mother owns a daycare, and even though my focus was on elementary schools, I wanted to get a sense of meals and consumption in an institution. What I found verified my assumptions:

  • Food is prepared, not freshly cooked on site, using main guidelines; meals on wheels program

  • A lot of food is wasted

  • No one really touches the salad


I asked school aged and preschool kids what they thought about lunches Here are some things they said:

  • I want pbjs

  • Lunch is boring

  • Other kids say my mom is mean because she packs me healthy food

  • I like taco days


Generally, every parent had some concerns:

  • There isn’t enough time for kids to eat

  • They always come home hungry

  • I don’t have to worry about cooking, but I don’t know what they are eating

From the keywords in the exercise and research conducted, I found these three areas to focus on to explore product ideas:

  • School Cafeterias

  • Food

  • Influencers